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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Navigation Station

So far the best purchase I have made this trip was a £3 detailed map. The best. I now know how to get to both buildings where I will have class as well as made my way to a few other places without any problems.

We went to the Alcazar this past weekend, which was amazing. It's the oldest palace still in use and the architecture is so intricate. You can see the differences between what the Moros constructed while they were in power versus the Christians. Definitely took me back to Spanish 223 (history class)! Below is a picture of my friend Emily and I there. I then came back home and ate lunch with my family (and the grandma who had a dog..animal time!) and took a nice siesta. After that, we found an American bar (Texas Lonestar) to watch the Packers!! It was super fun because of the win and because there were so many people from both places which made it exciting. And we had big American burgers. I know it's only been a week, but it was still nice to have. We had to pay £15 in order to reserve our seat for the big game, but I figure it's worth it to know we have a reliable place to go. Plus that comes with a couple of beers and wings.

We started school yesterday which was kind of a slap back to reality. I think we all kind of forgot that we had to do work along with getting used to a new life and traveling. We have two exams, a 30 minute group presentation, and three activities (each consisting of three interviews with random people and a 600 word write up), and other homework every night. A bit time consuming, but it will count for a 3 credit class! Then last night I had some good family bonding time. We had what is so far my favorite food: tortilla de patatas. I also had tinto verano which I'd had out before but is very good. It's a drink that is half wine half soda. Muy muy muy bien! I showed them pictures of family, friends, Madison, Tosa, El Salvador...basically anything that was on my computer. It was a fun night and made me feel even better about staying here. Then last night I got my first night of 8 hour sleep. I've been pretty jet lagged (and I suppose siestas don't help), so yesterday I let myself be very tired on 4 hours of sleep so I could try and get on track.

Today was another school day and then when I came home I went for a run with a friend in this huge, beautiful park that is three blocks away. Needless to say, I'll be doing that every day and returning to take pictures of the park itself. It's called Parque de Maria Luisa for those interested in searching it. I helped Paula study for an exam that she has tomorrow. She goes to a bilingual school so she was studying the circulatory system in English. Can't say I could help much with the science part of it, but I was able to quiz her.

Tomorrow my plan is to do a little bit of shopping before class to get some necessary items. Then I'll have class again, go for a run, and then join up with a group in my neighborhood to go on a tour of our specific neighborhood to see where CVS type stores are along with where to get the best tapas :)

Here are a few pictures of mi casa!

Entrance, bathroom door directly to left and then kitchen is next, then living room and the others after.

Entrance to the kitchen

This is if you walk into the kitchen and go to the left..the counter to the right is in the previous picture.
Part of the living room. There is a tv/bookshelf across from the table.
Right past the living room. My room is to the left, Pili and Pepe's straight ahead, Maria and Paulas to the right (after that dresser..you can't see their door)
My room :)
Not huge, but it'll work!
And everything I brought fit in that!!


  1. GAH! I am so excited that you finally had a little bonding time with yo fam dam!! Also, I am so jealous of your kitchen! It looks sooooo nice!

    Glad to see that things are working out a bit better nugget chiald!

  2. ooooh that's like a house hunters international kitchen :) sounds awesome EEEEE! That's sweet that you can go running too (good work with the buddy system), I worked out for the first time since the marathon today.. it was brutal. miss ya luv ya! cccceeece

  3. Is that a pull-out couch for when Kevin and I come visit?