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Friday, February 4, 2011

Intensive Session Complete. Thank the Lord!

Finally. Done with that class. It is because of that class that I have been unable to post anything this week. Two papers, a presentation, and an exam along with homework every night has made my last week quite boring. I'd get up, go to class, go for a run some of the days, then do homework and eat dinner. The only variation was on Tuesday.

Emily and I decided that every week we're going to have what we call Tapas Tuesdays to split up the week a little (since we don't have classes on Friday during the regular session). Tapas are basically a bunch of little appetizers, and you get a lot of them for a group of however many you have. Being American and missing the familiarity of some food, we ended up getting pizza (with pineapple and ham..of course) and cheese fries. And they were delicious.

Too bad about missing out on that snow day Madison got! But I suppose if I'm in 60 degree weather, you all should get a little love too. Chicago even made the news over here and my family was quite excited to show me that it was on TV.

Now, I'm leaving to go to Granada...literally meeting Emily to walk to the bus station in 5 minutes. It should be a great time since I was able to talk to a friend who was there last spring about where to go, and the Alhambra is there which I am sooo excited about. As of right now, Google can probably do a better job of explaining what the Alhambra is than I can even though we learned about it in our Spanish history class. After this weekend I'm sure I'll be able to fill you in!! We'll get back from Granada on Sunday at 8:30pm, so plenty of time to make it to our reserved bar by the time the Super Bowl starts...about 12 for us I believe. Then I'll start my regular classes on Monday (at 1pm so I'll still be able to sleep)!


  1. congrats on your win!!

    i will be waiting to be filled in about your weekend. more than likely, a skype date is in order i would say.