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Monday, February 21, 2011

A un euro

Huevos redondos
This weekend was pretty uneventful, although I thought it was going to be a weekend that was too full. On Wednesday I, along with eight other people in my program, went to someone's house (Ana) for a cooking class. We learned how to make lentejas (lentils, so I've made those before or at least ate them before via my roommate Calli) and huevos redondos, which are hardboiled egg whites filled with a tuna, tomato sauce, and yolk mix and then top it off with some mayo and a sprinkle of the extra yolk. It was all pretty good, but I'm not sure it will be something I make in the future (we all know how much I love yolk haha).

However, other food that my family has made this week has been awesome. Pepe, my host dad, made chicken wings the other night which were almost better than BW's. No sauce, but if there had been, it may have just won that contest. We also had a lot of eggs this week of different kinds which have all been very good. And last night, I had one of the best hamburgers ever. There were eggs on it also, so it reminded me of the Old Fashioned House burger. Yumm. We always have soup before our main part of dinner, and it's always so so good. Might be my favorite thing here.

On Friday, a few of us had planned on going to city about 75 minutes away called Jerez, but due to us not getting everything sorted out, we decided to go Saturday. However, Saturday came around and we went to the bus station a little after 10:30 thinking the bus left at 10:45am (as it had said on the website), but really the bus had left 2 minutes before AT 10:30. That was a major bummer seeing as though we had had reservations for a 2pm tour and the next bus didn't leave until 1, so we wouldn't have made it. 

On Friday, though instead of Jerez, I went to the Torre del Oro. This was a watchtower way back in the day that was built in the 13th century. They restored it and made it into a naval museum with lots of replicas of ships and other historic artifacts and documents. It has some very pretty views from the top as well. It was such a nice day and after all the rain we've had, it was exactly what we needed to brighten our moods.

Torre del Oro

Catedral from the top


This would be a jawbone of a whale that was in the museum.
Saturday I hung out with Pili my host mom and Paula the 10 year old. Watching Paula just hang out, finding things to do that don't always include the computer or a television made me realize how much imagination kids have and how I would love to go back to being 10 again for a day, concocting science experiments, making up plays to put on, things like that. Technology may be good, but it sucks up so much time and does start to limit our imagination I feel.

Today I went to a market with Pili and her mom. It was crazy. Anything you could have wanted besides furniture was there. I really mean everything. I could probably buy everything I needed for my future home besides furniture and be set to go. That includes clothes for anyone of any age and dishes and fabric and fresh fruits and veggies. Everything. After going, I will have the phrase "A un euro" sounding through my dreams. It means that whatever that person was selling cost one euro. And many things were only one euro.

After the market, we helped one of Pili's friends move, a mom that I've met multiple times before since her kids are friends with Paula. When we were done with the load, we went and had a cervesa outside since it was a pretty warm day.

Now, I just have to get a bit of homework done and the new week will start up again. Classes are still going fine. I have a feeling this is going to be a decently easy semester but also maybe a bit boring (the business classes will be that is). That is a good thing since I'm going to be traveling a lot. This Thursday night I leave for Barcelona for the weekend, and since we have our tickets and hostal set, nothing will change with those plans. I'm ready for a full, fun weekend!

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  1. haha " that is a good thing since i'm going to be traveling a lot" lol you snot